We ensure that law firm leaders and practitioners have a full curricula in legal leadership, management, marketing and business development skills. We offer a variety of programs for national and regional conferences and seminars, retreat presentations and in-house training, development and coaching programs, including:

  • Creation and execution oF manageable and effective plans for Individuals
  • Creation and execution of plans for offices and practice groups
  • Business Development Boot Camp Program


Mell Consulting offers one-on-one coaching programs for lawyers and other professionals that are flexible and vary in duration according to the firm’s overall goals. The coaching process addresses aspects of professional success and influence.

Coaching is a developmental process to assist lawyers at every level to:

  • Increase their effectiveness
  • Improve their business relationships
  • Engage, inspire and Influence others
  • Meet their goals


The best way that a law firm can guarantee that its most precious assets—its client relationships—are being nurtured, protected, and expanded, is through a formal client feedback program. Understanding the client experience and focusing on the specifics of the client’s perception of their interaction with the firm is a crucial component of a successful growth strategy.

  • It eliminates the filter and the bias
  • Demonstrates your commitment to clients
  • Delve into your client’s business challenges
  • Strengthen collaboration efforts at the firm

Firm Strategic Planning

Whether you are considering your firm’s short and long term goals, investing in your expansion in key practices or industries, assessing and revising your marketing and business development strategies, we are here to help with:

  • Succession Plans
  • Alignment of Mission, Leadership, Staff and Other Stakeholders
  • Marketing &  Business Development Department Audit
  • Board and Partner Retreats

Leadership Training

Training in substantive legal skills is just the first step in developing effective, well-rounded legal professionals and executives. We provide training and coaching services to ensure that the next generation of law firm leaders and practitioners have all the crucial skills to thrive.

  • Groom Mid-Level to Senior Lawyers and Staff in Career Development
  • Align Career Paths with Organization Goals
  • Retention of Women and Attorneys of Color
  • Knowledge Management and Staff Training


If it’s not online, it’s not happening!

Knowledge and data are more accessible than ever before. For lawyers, the challenge is distilling it, engaging with it and applying it to developing clients. Our team helps lawyers and staff with:

  • Digital/social media strategy development and execution
  • Web Site Consulting
  • Blog Consulting
  • Individual Online Presence Counseling