Who cares if the client is happy? They pay the bills.

Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to seek routine, reliable input from the consumers of your services? A surprising number of law firms do not. Those that do seek feedback are getting essential information to use in developing successful strategies, as well as deepening relationships. In every other industry where expensive, expert services are provided, there is a premium placed on the consumer’s views about the state of the relationship and the value received for the money spent. The value of client feedback cannot be overstated.

Why should you seek Client Feedback?

  •  Understanding the client experience and focusing on the specifics of the client’s perception of their interaction with the firm is a crucial component of a successful growth strategy.
  • It eliminates the filter and the bias.
  • You will demonstrate your firm’s commitment to your clients.
  • You can delve into your client’s business challenges.
  • You will strengthen collaboration efforts at the firm.

Listening to your clients can lead to increased revenue opportunities, head off misunderstandings. Just because your clients pay the bill does not mean they are truly pleased, and it does not mean they will continue to be loyal in the future.

The best way that a law firm can guarantee that its most precious assets—its client relationships—are being nurtured, protected, and expanded, is through a formal client feedback program.