We counsel on the business of law. Strategic planning is our sweet spot. We help create the strategy and train on the execution of that strategy. We provide group programs and one-on-one coaching for lawyers and other professionals that are flexible and vary in duration, according to the firm’s overall goals. Coaching is a developmental process to assist lawyers at every level to increase their effectiveness, improve their business relationships, and meet their goals.

What's New

Mell Consulting recently completed a survey in partnership with the Association of Law Firm Administrators to evaluate whether sexual harassment is a widespread concern in our profession and, if so, how can all members of the legal ecosystem address problems and promote a safe work environment. What we found was that, while many law firm leaders might think it doesn’t happen within their walls, they may need to take a thorough look inward as conduct within law firms gains a greater share of the spotlight.


Elizabeth Mell has assembled a team that brings clients the ability to compete and thrive in today’s legal marketplace. The Mell Consulting team’s collective skill set and experience brings clients the modern perspective they need. We service clients throughout the country. For our national and regional clients, we conduct meetings by webinar, skype and telephone, however we enjoy traveling to meet our clients where they work and live so we can experience their culture.