Time. It’s the only thing (most) lawyers can bill for. Yet, many law firms overlook the value of time in the mind of the client. A great post from BTI Consulting’s Mad Clientist Blog explains this in terms we can all understand. As the blog points out, “…wasting clients’ time is an especially potent villain in destroying value.”

“…clients can rejigger budgets and apply more price pressure to future work to try to manage their overall budget. Not so with their time.”

Some common complaints that clients have about law firms:

  • Slow Ramp Up
  • Incomprehensible Invoices
  • Errors and Mistakes
  • Poor Internal and External Communication

“If you think you don’t have the time to tell your clients what you are doing and why you are doing it—think of the only person in your life with less time than you—your client.